Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mom Hearts Matter

This weekend history repeated itself and found me at a Mom Heart Conference. . .solo.  It's ironic that I was alone as this is the last year of this type of conference, so I finished exactly the same way I started.

Not much has changed in the past five years as far as stepping out of my comfort zone when it came to being alone.  I wasn't a fan of the idea, but I was obedient and went even when my babysitting fell apart and my husband had to work.  I knew I was supposed to be there even though it may have been easier not to go. But everything has changed in terms of how I mother, and my ideals and standards for my kids.  This night away filled me up, inspired me, and reminded me that I am not alone in my ideals.  I may have not known anyone but I was supported by over 300 women who have similar values and ideals when it comes to creating a Life Giving Home.   In my absence of company, I was reminded of so many truths that I needed to hear again:

  • You can't accomplish anything of value without investing greatly.
  • Decide before your darkest time to be faithful through your darkest time.  
  • My home is my glory. It is a refuge in time of storm.  It is a light post of love and beauty.
  • Pass on the message you want to live.
  • Teach our kids the habit of: working, taking initiative, and stepping out in faith.
  • Order our life with what I want them to embrace.
  • Trust God to do more than I can do.
  • Kids will make mistakes that don't define their lives any more than it defines mine.
  • Give my kids the freedom to be whom they are meant to be.
  • My investment in eternity will always matter.

Over the course of the last five years, I have led book studies in my home thanks to Sally Clarkson's mentorship.  I have become a co-leader of the Mom"s group at our church.  I never for a second saw that coming.  I'm able to use what I've learned at conferences and through Sally's books to educate, inspire, and lead in my own way.  Five years ago I entered that conference alone and I walked out to go on to create a community of support for moms simply because Sally gave us an invitation to go and spread her message.  I simply invited women into my home.  It was that easy.  One never knows what words will land on fertile soil. I am grateful for the years of messages Sally has spoken.  I am thankful I found her on an internet that is so vast!  Five years ago a shift occurred in my parenting, my view of my role as mom, and my children's lives have changed for the better because of this shift.

Our family doesn't look like hers: it's not supposed to.  It's our version of our own story we are co-authoring. It's a story that has eraser marks and revisions.  It is a total work in progress, but I am sure it will be the best book ever written...because my kids are the best story I have ever written.  It's as messy as it is beautiful. It's ours.

By wisdom a house is built,
         And by understanding it is established;

4And by knowledge the rooms are filled
         With all precious and pleasant riches.--
Proverbs 24:3

In honor of Sally's influence over my life, I'm revisiting all I've learned through my years of conference attendance:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Last Year I can't find a post about the conference, but Sally's son Nathan released a movie that was kind of a big deal in our house.

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